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Vive Health Alternating Seat Cushion

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Introducing the Vive Health Alternating Seat Cushion, a revolutionary solution designed to provide exceptional comfort and alleviate pressure for individuals who spend extended periods seated. This seat cushion features an innovative alternating air cell design that continuously shifts pressure points, reducing the risk of developing discomfort and pressure ulcers. The cushion's adjustable firmness settings allow you to customize your seating experience, ensuring optimal support and relief. The cushion's compact and portable design makes it perfect for use in various seating environments, such as office chairs, wheelchairs, or car seats. With the Vive Health Alternating Seat Cushion, you can enjoy improved comfort and enhanced pressure relief, allowing you to sit for longer periods without experiencing discomfort or pain.


  • REDUCES PAINFUL PRESSURE-Redistributing weight evenly, the Vive Alternating Seat Cushion effectively relieves painful pressure points and prevents the formation of sores when seated
  • FITS MOST SEATS-Perfectly sized to fit standard and bariatric wheelchairs, the air seat cushion can be used on chairs, recliners, sofas, and outdoor seats
  • PORTABLE RECHARGEABLE PUMP-Secured to the back of the chair with integrated hooks, the quiet air pump is powered by a long-lasting battery for up to 6.5 hours of use per charge
  • ALTERNATING MODES-Comprised of 6 sealed air chambers, the seat cushion includes three static settings and the alternating pressure settings for customizable seating
  • REMOVABLE WATERPROOF COVER-Easy to clean, the seat cushion cover is made with a latex-free, waterproof material
  • OUT OF THE BOX READY-Quick and easy to set up, the alternating seat cushion includes an air pump, charging cable, a replacement air bladder and a patching kit

1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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J. (Athens, US)
Incredible help for wheelchair-bound persons

I bought this cushion for my wife who has both scoliosis and MS. She has been in a wheelchair for a number of years and has used a variety of cushion types solid gel, gel and foam, waffle, fixed-pressure air cell, donut, etc. without consistent success. For the past few years, we had to swap between different types throughout the day to prevent soreness and minimize irritations. Shes been using the Vive alternating cushion for just over a month. While we were somewhat skeptical initially about what good it could do (especially since there were no reviews here or at Amazon when we purchased it), it has actually been an incredible help for her. We both noticed the dramatic improvement immediately, and the soreness she felt while sitting for more than a few hours is completely gone. Furthermore, the cushion has actually accommodated her poor posture better so that she has considerably less upper body fatigue too. A few of the positives: ,Weve been getting 13 hours per charge spread across 2 days (the specs suggested 6-6.5 hours was more likely). ,If the battery fully drains while the device is on, it will lock to prevent the cushion from deflating from its current setting (although we havent had this happen yet). ,The whole cushion is comprised of the air cells. Instead of being a few chambers bordered by foam, the fact that it is the whole 17 x 17 cushion supports her body better. One con (with a work-around): ,The cushion is supposed to be aligned so that the cells stretch across the seat from left to right. Given the limitations with her disability, when the pump is set on alternating pressure it will actually walk her forward a little bit. We simply rotated the cushion so that the tubes run lengthwise from front to back, and although it might appear odd when a few of the chambers are deflated, it works just as well and she isnt shifted out of her proper posture. We used to drape a mattress-sized alternating pressure pad over an armchair for her to sit on during the evening, and while that clumsy modification did work pretty well, it pales in comparison to the comfort and relief she experiences with the Vive cushion (and its 3.5 inch chambers are better than the 2.5 inch ones the mattress pad uses). Regarding physical disabilities, each person of course experiences their own problems differently than another person would, but for my wife I can certify after these weeks that this product has been nothing short of a life saver for her.

Hello Jeff! Thank you so much for your glowing feedback and rating. We are so glad that our Alternating Seat Cushion is doing you well. Thank you so much for your suggestion, I will let our product specialist team know so we can improve and help you Live Better.