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Free Premium Shipping, See Details.

Halotherapy Solutions HaloIR Salt Therapy Infrared Detox Sauna Chamber

Original price $9,900.00 - Original price $17,600.00
Original price $11,600.00
$9,900.00 - $17,600.00
Current price $11,600.00

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B2B bulk discounts with financing up to $2,000,000 available!

Elevate Your Health and Business with HaloIR Sauna

Discover the next level of wellness with the HaloIR Sauna, an innovative fusion of Halotherapy, Infrared Sauna, and optional Red Light Therapy. This all-in-one, opulent wellness experience is tailored for both personal health enhancement and business opportunities, making it an ideal addition to Gyms, Spas, and Wellness Centers. Its touchless, multi-sensory approach is effortless to set up and promises a substantial return on investment. The HaloIR Sauna is a comprehensive solution, integrating Medical Grade Chromotherapy, Aroma Therapy, and Meditation, offering a holistic path to wellbeing.

This unit is available to add to Gyms, Spas, Wellness Centers, Homes, and Salons with Easy Setup!

If you need help installing HaloIR with your purchase, please give us a call +1 (816) 695-8839, We have Qualified Installs teams in every state!

We can deliver our most popular 3-Person HaloIR™ in 2 weeks or less in the U.S. Other sizes are available at slightly longer lead times, if no lead time 3-4 day delivery! Oversize fee 999$ applies (Lift gate freight fee)

HALOGX™ PRO Halogenerator *($4600 Value)* Included for Free! **SPECIAL OFFER**

We Offer Fast Easy Financing**Interest-Free Installments With Shop Pay**

HSL Halogenerators are used throughout the world. Maintenance and repair are minimal. If you experience any problems, our support team is available 24/7 and will overnight anything that you need, free of charge under our lifetime warranty.

Essential Resources at Your Fingertips:


  • Integrated Control Panel
  • HaloIR™ Halogenerator
  • 20, 30 and 45-minute protocols included
  • Medical-Grade Chromotherapy Included
  • Red Light Therapy (Optional)
  • Bluetooth Audio Sound System with KSARA Guided Meditation
  • Aromatherapy Holder along with custom blend essential oil
  • Backrest (Optional extra)
  • Easy installation (normally 90 minutes)
  • Comprehensive training manual

Health Benefits

  • Improves respiratory health
  • Improves immune resilience
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Helps skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema,etc)
  • Helps with chronic pain
  • Relieves muscle tension and stress
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Enhances sport performance

Business Benefits

  • Small space requirement
  • Multi modality
  • Touchless operation
  • No extra labor
  • High ROI

Layered Modalities:

  • Halotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy (optional)
  • Medical Grade Chromotherapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Meditation

Optional Red-Light Therapy:

Make your salt sauna cover the full red-light spectrum with this very powerful addition.

  • Visible red 630 -660 Mhz
  • Near infrared 830 -850 Mhz
  • Far infrared (Sauna)


    Lifetime Warranty

    • Halogenerator

    5-year Warranty

    • Cabinetry & Glass
    • Electrical
    • Heaters
    • Controls

    Professional Health Reviews:

    “I’ve only been open 11 days with my new HaloIR and sales just passed $7,000! Thrilled! Sessions are completely booked for this upcoming week and I’ve got a waiting list. And my VitalityBooth is arriving this week and that’s already booked through next month! My customers and I couldn’t be happier with your equipment!”

    Peggy, Indiana

    "All our franchisees are adding the Halo™ IR sauna to their facilities. We are thrilled with the quality of the products from Halotherapy Solutions!"

    Dr Ryan Valencic Novis Health

    "Fantastic product, our clients love the fact of therapy layering in one session without the hassle of going from room to room. All the benefits in one 30min session."

    Richard Quinn Health & Wellness Director

    Halotherapy Solutions is the only BBB accredited salt therapy equipment company.
    “Not received a single customer complaint and has not received a negative review.” A+ Rating.

    Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

    Corey and Halotherapy Solutions have been amazing to work with. The reception of the clients to the salt and sauna has been really well received especially by those with respiratory and allergy conditions.

    The Drip Bar

    All my generators at Salt of the Earth Sarasota are from Halotherapy Solutions. They are amazing machines. The staff is great and always willing to help anyway they can. No reason to choose anyone else.

    Dianna Zildjian Manoogian, Owner Salt of Earth

    Thank you SO much for your help in starting the 1st Salt Cave in Mississippi! Everyone went above and beyond in answering our questions. We truly appreciated the immense training! Keep up the great work! Also we are super happy with the Halotherapy Machine.

    Jill M. JacksonSoul,Owner Synergy Center

    I highly recommend Halotherapy Solutions. I have had my salt spa open for 15 months and I have 2 halogenerators from HSL, that were delivered in person by Steve and Suzanne! I am fairly close.. They were super helpful with instructions on the machine. They are totally there for support with any issue, Jacki Blackmon, is a superstar at marketing also, and at resolving any issues.

    Wanda Bresette, Owner Stuart, FL

    Our athletes benefit so much from Halotherapy in terms of respiratory health and recovery! We love the products and team from Halotherapy Solutions!

    Brandon Lowery Director, Action Sports Agency Board, BSR Surf Resort

    Halotherapy Solution for every business!

    Halotherapy is becoming a standard in Spas, Gyms and Wellness Centers of all sizes given the increasing importance of respiratory health, the fact that it’s a touchless service that provides a great ROI, requires no labor, and takes up such little space. The fastest growing touchless modalities in 2022 thanks to the great return on low investment, small place requirement and very low operational cost. Gyms and fitness centers are adding our Halotherapy equipment, including a number of World Gym locations.

    The top hospitality brands/resorts like Mandarin Oriental, Westin, Fairmont, Carillon, Castle Hot Springs, etc. are adding our Halotherapy equipment at a rapid rate.  

    Wellness Real Estate developers are adding our equipment to current facilities and as part of new builds in their spas, fitness centers and residences.

    With Halotherapy helping improve lung and skin health, sports performance, recovery, and general wellness franchises of all sizes are adding our Halotherapy equipment.


        Choosing a location. Indoor use only.

        Installation requirements for your sauna are as follows:

        1. Your Halotherapy Cabin is a self-contained and freestanding unit. It should not be built into any structure without prior consultation.
        2. Leave 2 feet of extra space on the left side for Halogenerator.
        3. Maintain a minimum of 4-inch clearance on all sides of the unit to allow air to circulate while giving
          access for the power cord.
        4. Your Halotherapy Cabin should be placed on a level and dry area.


        These halotherapy and infrared sauna cabins are easy to assemble due to their modular constructions. Detailed step-by-step written and visual instructions are provided.


        1 Person

        • 120 Volt Single Phase
        • 1,600 Watts
        • <15 Amps

        Requires a 120v 15 amp outlet.
        Electrical plug:
        NEMA 5-15p
        With add-ons (red light, etc):
        NEMA 5-20 Plug and Outlet

        Nema 5 15

        2 Person

        • 120 Volt Single Phase
        • 1,780 Watts
        • <20 Amps

        Requires a 120v 20 amp outlet.
        Electrical plug:
        NEMA 5-20p
        With add-ons (red light, etc):
        NEMA 5-20 Plug and Outlet

        Infrared sauna electrical connectio Nema 5-20n

        3 Person

        • 120 Volt Single Phase
        • 2,320 Watts
        • < 20 Amps

        Requires a 120v 20 amp outlet.
        Electrical plug:
        NEMA 5-20p (pictured)
        With add-ons (red light, etc):
        NEMA 5-30 Plug and Outlet

        Infrared sauna electrical connectio Nema 5-20n

        4 Person

        • 240 Volt Single Phase
        • 2,610 Watts
        • < 20Amps

        Requires a 240v 20 amp outlet.
        Electrical plug:
        NEMA 6-15p
        With add-ons (red light, etc): No change
        240V units require a 2-Pole breaker

        Large sauna electrical plug Nema 6-15


            How easy is it to install?

            The HaloIR is really easy to put together. Generally takes 2-4 hours for 2 people who are used to building things. You will receive a detailed installation manual.

            Will I need to hire an electrician?

            Standard household electrical outlets are 120 volts. Most are rated at 15 amps and some, like bathrooms or kitchens, may be rated at 20 amps. Our HALO-IR (1-2 person) runs off of a standard 110 outlet, 15 amps. The HALO-IR (2-3 person), runs off of a standard 110, but requires 20 amps. Please review the specification for the
            model you are interested in to see the electrical requirement.

            Is “heated” Halotherapy more effective than non-heated?

            Yes, when the air is dry and warm, it will allow for deeper penetration and better absorbency of the salt particles in the bronchi. Halotherapy at low levels of heat enhances the experience and efficacy of Halotherapy.

            Are HaloIR's Safe for children?

            “Yes, Infrared saunas are safe for children, assuming they have no major health conditions or concerns.

            “I have used infrared saunas with my children since they were about 3-4 years old. I just didn’t turn it up too hot and started with shorter cooler sessions to get them used to it. It is a wonderful way for children to relax but also warm up in the winter” Erin

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