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All Terrain Vive Health Mobility Knee Walker

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  • Frame length: 35”
  • Frame width: 18”
  • Knee pad platform: 14” by 7”
  • Knee platform height: 20"-26"
  • Steering handle height: 38" to 46"
  • Wheels: 12”
  • Maximum Weight: 300 pounds
  • 1 Year Warranty


Introducing the All Terrain Vive Health Mobility Knee Walker, the ultimate solution for individuals recovering from lower leg injuries or surgeries. Designed to conquer various terrains, this innovative knee walker offers unmatched versatility and maneuverability, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle while you heal. With its rugged construction and all-terrain tires, this knee walker effortlessly glides over uneven surfaces, grassy paths, gravel roads, and more. The adjustable knee pad and handlebars provide personalized comfort and support, ensuring a proper fit for users of different heights. The sturdy frame and handbrake system offer stability and control, empowering you to navigate with confidence. Say goodbye to crutches and embrace the freedom and convenience of the All Terrain Vive Health Mobility Knee Walker as you get back on your feet.


  • SAFE CRUTCH ALTERNATIVE-Providing safe, stability mobility, the knee walker is a great alternative to crutches while recovering from a foot, leg or knee injury or surgery
  • DIAL BRAKING SYSTEM-Safely navigate any surface, including inclines, with responsive dual rear brakes for exceptional stability and control
  • CONTOURED KNEE PLATFORM-The knee platform is contoured to safely cradle the leg and eliminate painful pressure points, chafing and irritation
  • LARGE ALL TERRAIN TIRES-Four 12” pneumatic tires allow you to easily navigate any surface indoors and out, including loose surfaces such as gravel or grass
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESIGN-Easily adjust the height of both the handlebars and the knee platform for a comfortable, customized fit
  • FOLDABLE STEEL FRAME-Safely supporting up to 300 pounds, the steel frame knee walker easily folds for compact storage and travel

    User Manual-PDF

    1 Year Warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Ed Townsend (Abilene, US)
    High quality scooter

    This is a very sturdy high quality piece of equipment. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a heavier person.

    Hello Ed! Thank you so much for your glowing feedback and rating. We are so glad that our All Terrain Knee Walker is doing you well.

    Jennifer J. (Alfred, US)
    GREAT knee walker! Sturdy, easy to assemble, comfortable, highly recommended

    I started using my sisters Vive Health knee scooter on 01/17/2023 after crushing my foot two days before. I was skeptical (and anxious) at first due to the fall which caused severe injury and is going to take several months to heal. My sister reassured me that it was a great scooter and I'd get used to it quickly. I used her scooter for two days and immediately decided to buy one of my own. It is VERY easy to assemble, well built, comfortable on the knee, and has additional things you can order for it (I ordered the cup holder, sheepskin seat cover, regular seat cover, and bag). I absolutely love it. I am 6'3" tall with long legs, but this scooter can easily be adjusted (seat and handles) for someone shorter. I use it around the house whenever I need to get up and am SO thankful for this product.

    Hello Jennifer! Thank you so much for your glowing feedback. We are so glad that our All Terrain Knee Walker is doing you well and it is so easy to assemble.

    Gerald Rogers (Augusta, US)
    My First Two Purchases

    I have had foot issues on and off for 7 years now. I have been on knee walkers for the majority of the time. The walkers I had used included small, thin tires and proved to be dangerous getting around the neighborhood. I have had a few falls, mainly from not paying closer attention to cracks in the pavement, once from sliding on a slick concrete floor in a store. I said to myself that I need a knee walker with all terrain tires. I found this company, Vive Health and purchased their all terrain knee walker. I knew I wasn't going to get a walker like it from the VA and had to pay for one myself so I could hopefully be safer moving about. I had a little trouble at first assembling the framework but once I got passed that, the rest of the assembly went very smooth. I have to say that I believe I will be much safer, practically gliding over pebbles, loose gravel, dirt, grass, twigs, bark from trees, cracks in the pavement and probably even snow will definitely be better than walkers with the small wheels. Small-wheeled knee walkers should be outlawed to use outdoors. Small-wheeled knee walkers should be restricted to indoor use. I wish the VA would spend their funds more wisely and offer veterans like myself an all terrain knee walker alternative over small-wheeled knee walkers. I have heard the VA spends on average, $300/walker, and this one I bought from Vive Health costs less. This will be the last knee walker I will own, God willing. I am very satisfied with this walker and give it 5 stars. My other purchase was for a Leg Cast Cover. Since I had foot surgery back in August 2022, I have either had sponge baths, or had assisted showers from Occupational Therapists using trash bags and medical tape to wrap up the foot to prevent water from the splint. When I was ordering the knee walker, I learned that this cover would go completely over the splint I have and allow me to shower. It feels real good being able to take showers without wrapping up my foot in trash bags or having to take sponge baths. This leg cast cover is a great product and I give it 5 stars as well. Though I still have to deal with the healing process of the foot for several more months, Vive Health is allowing me to take care of myself. These products are going to make a huge difference in my life. Thank you Vive Health!!

    Hello Gerald! Thank you so much for your glowing feedback. We are so glad to hear that our Knee Walker and Leg Cast Cover are doing you so well.

    Michael Hinkle (Hillsboro, US)
    Knee Walker & Customer Service

    So I have to say, I had only had my knee walker about 2 weeks when it broke. Now up to this point I thought this thing was the best thing since sliced bread in the mobility arena. But it was nothing compared to the Customer Service of Vive!!!!!!I send an email on Dec 30th, (expecting a delay due to the holiday) I received an email that day that they are working on it....So Monday morning comes around and the emails start flying!!! Long story short, they sent me a complete new knee walker and told me not to return the broken one!!!!!!!I am also adding this review to Amazon as well, since that is where I purchased the item..

    Hello Michael! , thanks a lot for sharing your feedback with us. We are so happy to hear that our team was able to resolve your concerns and resolved all your questions in a timely manner. Thanks a lot for choosing Vive! -Angie -

    Denise (Albuquerque, US)
    customer service with Carolina

    I ordered the Vive pedal Exerciser through Amazon & when it arrived it was missing the rear leg without which the thing is useless. 2 phone calls & an email later I was able to connect with Carolina at Vive customer support and she solved the issue in about a minute. My other leg is on its way. Thank you Carolina!

    Thank you very much for this glowing feedback!! We are happy to have you as a customer :) -Carolina-